Why Cold?

There are many reasons to embrace cold exposure in your daily life. I like it because of the runners high feeling within 2 minutes and I experience a beaming energy after the temperature drop. What would be your reason to embrace cold?

Cold exposure*:

  • is by far number one when it comes to losing weight;
  • boosts your white blood cells, which boost your immune system;
  • trains your cardiovascular system and therefore it prevents cardiovascular diseases;
  • improves your heat regulation;
  • gives you a runners high within 2 minutes time;
  • increases your energy due to the stimulation of hormones, vasomotion and metabolism.

I can help you explore and teach you how to embrace cold in your daily life, so your health and energy level will get an enormous boost. Look at this 15 minute video of my Vosges experience and learn how cool it is to embrace cold exposure and breathing exercises.

*from the book “HEEL WEEK” written by Jerome Wehrens