Why Language?

Research shows that almost every 2-5 seconds the average person gets thoughts that the unconscious mind fires at us.

Imagine that the words and phrases that come are the same words and phrases that come from someone who loves you dearly and wants the very best for you. They are probably sentences and words saturated with love and softness. What would that do to you?

Now imagine all those words coming from a person who really hates you and wants to destroy you. What kind of words and phrases would those be? How does that voice sound? What would that do to your state of mind and to your overall well-being? During my NLP practitioner and NLP Master training with Joost van der Leij, I learned to control my internal voice. In fact, I’ve learned to make these work for me rather than against me. Anyone can learn this. I can teach this to anyone. I consider language one of the most powerful buttons you can push to feel better, more powerful and more relaxed.

The creators of NLP filmed and carefully studied the hypnotic language patterns of Milton Ericson, a well-known and most successful psychotherapist of all time. These hypnotic language patterns can be learned by anyone with the primary goal of making your internal voice healthier. You automatically improve your external voice as well, so you make more of an impact on your environment.